Fellowship program

Annual fellowships promoted by SECEC and scientific host centres


The European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and the Elbow is glad to offer different travelling fellowships:

General Conditions

  1. Fellows must participate in the travelling fellowship in a position of learning and must demonstrate an open-minded behaviour.
  2. The fellows are not allowed to start the travel later or leave the travel before the end of the fellowship, or to make any change in the itinerary.
  3. For each fellowship a substitute will be appointed and in case of defection of one of the selected fellows he will be selected.
  4. The selected fellows must accept these rules before applying and/or accepting the appointment.

Selection of Candidates

Candidates for Intra European, Europe to USA and Europe to Japan & Korea

  • The Intra European/USA/Japan & Korea applications are selected by the Education Committee among the SECEC applicants who have applied before the deadline.
  • The selection is made in February for all the fellowships.
  • Applicants are informed about their selection or rejection before the end of February.
  • For each fellowship a deputy will be appointed.

Applications are made through the SECEC website

Candidates from USA, Japan-Korea, Australia-New Zealand, South Africa, China to Europe

Those candidates will be selected by their corresponding Societies

Apply for a fellowship


Host Centres

Each year the Education Committee makes a call for applications to get candidatures from potential host centres and prepares a list.

Travelling fellows will be enabled to choose centres by themselves, as long as the names of the fellows are known to the Education Committee at least 6 months ahead of the fellowship period.

The fellows are then asked to make a 10-top preferred list of centres among the list proposed by the Society.

All centres that are willing to accept travelling fellows are invited to express their willingness by applying to the Education Committee.

SECEC is always responsible for the final choice of the host centres and the fellows have no possibility to change the itinerary.

You are requested to send back the application form to: sececoffice@gmail.com

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