Japan & Korea - Europe Travelling Fellowship

General Conditions

  • The Japanese/Korean fellows will visit 8 centres.
  • Two fellows, one from each country will be selected by their Societies.
  • Both fellows will travel together.
  • The selected fellows must provide a CV and a list of 5 papers they can present during their travel.
  • Financial conditions: The travel expenses are all covered by SECEC. The SECEC Central Office makes the flight/train/car reservations. Hotel accommodation is also paid by the SECEC; only rooms and breakfast are covered. No extra charges will be accepted. The choice of the hotel is under the responsibility of the hosts. The hosts cover lunches and dinners.
  • The Japanese/Korean fellows are invited to the SECEC congress and gala dinner and have free registration and accommodation.
  • The Japanese and Korean fellows will be appointed “Corresponding Members” of the Society.

Past Winners

Japan / Europe Travelling Fellowships

1996       Y. Shibata

1998       H. Hamada

2000       H. Sano

2002       K. Fujita

2004       H. Ikegami / H. Minagawa

2006       N. Suenaga / N. Yamamoto

2008       H. Goto / K. Takase

2010       T. Mochizuki / T. Funakoshi

Korea / Europe Travelling Fellowships

2006       Y-G Rhee / K-J Rhee

2009       Y-K Kim / C-H Choi

2010       Y-B Seo / Y. Yoo

Asia (Japan + Korea) / Europe Travelling Fellowships

2012       J.Y. Park (Korea) / T. Mihata (Japan)

2014       J. H. Oh (Korea) / H. Omae (Japan)

2016       Y.L. Moon (Korea) / Y. Itoigawa (Japan) 

2018       J.C. Yoo (Korea) / H. Hagiwara (Japan)

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