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Shoulder Unit, Orthopaedic Surgery UZ Leuven
BE - Leuven - Herestraat 49, 3000 Leuven
Fellowship Program Director: Dr. Filip Verhaegen
Hi, My and my colleague (Prof. Dr. P. Debeer) form the shoulder surgery department of the University hospital UZ Leuven that is the largest hospital in Belgium. We are two full time fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeons who focus on shoulder surgery with a mean interest in (revision) shoulder arthroplasty, tendon transfer, shoulder instability and posttraumatic shoulder conditions. We have four OR rooms a week, 600 shoulder surgeries a year. Kind regards Filip
SECEC surgeons within the unit: Dr. Filip Verhaegen/ Prof. Dr. P. Debeer
Language: Dutch
Orthopaedic Center Antwerp
BE - Antwerp - Stevenlei 20 Deurne
Fellowship Program Director: O Verborgt & R van Riet
Prof. Olivier Verborgt is a shoulder surgeon and chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology at AZ Monica in Antwerp, Belgium. After his studies and specialization in orthopedics at the University of Antwerp, he sub-specialized in shoulder surgery completing fellowships in Clinique Jouvenet in Paris and Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. He was responsible for shoulder surgery in AZ St Lucas in Brugge between 2005 and 2011. In october 2011 he joined the Orthopaedic Surgery Department of AZ Monica in Antwerp and became consultant at the University Hospital of Antwerp and guest professor at the University of Antwerp. He is the past-president of the Belgian Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (BVOT). He is committee member of the European Society of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (SECEC) and member of the American Shoulder and Elbow Society (ASES) and is active in clinical and basic research about shoulder pathology with multiple peer publications.
SECEC surgeons within the unit: O Verborgt & R van Riet
Language: English/French
BE - Antwerp - Stevenslei 20, 2100 Deurne
Fellowship Program Director: Roger Van Riet
Elbow Surgeon, guest professor orthopedic surgery, fellwoship director
SECEC surgeons within the unit: Olivier Verborgt, Geert Declercq, Roger van Riet
Language: Dutch (English)
University Hospital Ghent - Schoudergroep TerBrugGen
BE - Gent - Corneel Heymanslaan 10 - 9000 Gent
Fellowship Program Director: Alexander Van Tongel
Dear My name is Alexander Van Tongel and together with my colleague Lieven De Wilde, we are shoulder and elbow surgeons working at the University of Ghent Belgium. We both have during the week one day for elective surgery and next, we also have trauma cases. Together with 4 other shoulder surgeons (working in 4 hospitals in the neighborhood) ( we are offering an international fellowship in which the fellow will be able to be in the operating room every day of the week.
SECEC surgeons within the unit: Alexander Van Tongel - Lieven De Wilde - Anne Karelse - Bart Berghs - Tom Van Isacker - Hans Van der Bracht
Language: Dutch - English - French
Shoulder Department Orthopedie Roeselare AZ Delta
BE - Roeselare - Brugsesteenweg 90, 8800 Roeselare Belgium
Fellowship Program Director: Dr. Muermans Stijn
Orthopaedic shoulder and elbow surgeon since 2000 in big orthopaedic unit of 18 surgeons and + 10.000 procedures annually. Head of orthopaedic department until 2/2022. Team of 4 full or parttime shoulder surgeons with > 1600 shoulder procedures, each year. Personally 700 shoulder procedures each year, 80 elbow, 4-5 half days of theatre (often double rooms) , 4 days OPC. First shoulder care centre (preop and perioperative information and practical counseling sessions for RC tear patients. Reference shoulder centre ZB, Lima. Consultancy in shoulder courses for several companies. Training centre with 6-8 orthopaedic residents / fellows each year.
SECEC surgeons within the unit: Muermans Stijn - Eduard Van Eecke (trainee and future shoulder surgeon in our department)
Language: English - Dutch - French - German
ARTHRO Medics, Shoulder and Elbow Unit
CH - Basel - Thannerstrasse 45
Fellowship Program Director: Prof. Dr. med. Claudio Rosso
Our institution is specialized in shoulder and elbow surgery. Prof. Rosso is a well-known teacher in shoulder and elbow pathologies. He is director of the "Basel Elbow Course" and receives fellows from all over the world. We currently have 1-2 OR days a week (7:30-18:00) with a spectrum ranging from simple bicepstenodesis to highly-complex prosthetic revisions. He was the first in the world to perform a biceps tenotomy using needle-arthroscopy in local anesthesia. In 2019, 204 shoulder operations were performed and 3700 outpatients seen. It would be a great honor to host SECEC fellows in the heart of Europe, in Basel, Switzerland.
SECEC surgeons within the unit: Prof. C. Rosso
Language: German, English, Italian, French
Division of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery, La Tour Hospital
CH - Meyrin (zip code 1217), Geneva - Av. J.-D. Maillard 3
Fellowship Program Director: Alexandre Lädermann
Dr Alexandre Lädermann is Privat Docent at the University of Geneva, CEO of Beemed, president of Swiss Shoulder Society (Expertengruppe Schulter und Ellbogen (Swiss Orthopaedics)), president of the foundation for Research and Teachning in Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine, Trauma and Imaging (FORE). He is also president of the Membership Committee and Member of the Central Committee of the European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and the Elbow (SECEC/ESSSE). Moreover, he is chairman of the 11th Advanced Course on Shoulder Arthroscopy, and has been president of congress of the European Society for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (SECEC/ESSSE) in Geneva and of the 4th International Congress on Adipose Stem cell Treatment (iCAST) in Zurich. He is editor of the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Arthroplasty Dr Alexandre Lädermann collaborates with the Geneva University Hospitals, La Tour Hospital and the Clinic Hirslanden La Colline. He is the author of more than 150 publications in journals and books concerning the shoulder joint.
SECEC surgeons within the unit: Alexandre Lädermann
Language: French and English
Chirurgie de l'épaule du service d'orthopédie, EHC, Morges
CH - 1110 Morges - Chemin du Crêt 2
Fellowship Program Director: Stefan Bauer
Case load: Between 300 and 400 operative shoulder and elbow cases /year (>50 arthroplasties; >30 instability surgeries; > 100 rotator cuff surgeries; approx. 150otrher cases) Length: Minimum: 3months Desired: 6months Shoulder Fellowship: -Clinical assessment and shoulder ultrasound -Anatomic/Reverse Arthroplasty (focus on 3D planning, increased glenoid off-set, short stems or stemless) -Large spectrum of arthroscopic shoulder surgery: Subscapularis and complex cuff repair, SCR in well selected cases and Arthro-AC-repair. Only exception: Arthro-Latarjet surgery is not tought or practised. -Standardised open Latarjet-Patte-Walch technique with excellent results at 5 year follow-up Opportunities and Tasks: -Learning/hands on: Shoulder ultrasound (pre-fellowsip course can be organised) -First MSFS-week: Arthroscopic full day 1:1 cadaver lab with supervisor: Portals, camera handling and instruments, suture passing, Lasso Loop and side to side sewing, “easy knot” tying, implant teaching -Assistance and help in the smooth running of clinics and OR lists -Assistance in clinical data and score collection -Active participation in shoulder meetings of the shoulder network -Research time provided: Each fellow is requested to finish and prepare some research papers. Schedule: Monday: Shoulder ultrasound/Clinic Tuesday: OR Wednesday: Research day Thursday: OR Friday am: Shoulder ultrasound/Clinic (half day from 14.00) Other: -Interdisciplinary shoulder journal club -Interdisciplinary shoulder grand round with cases -2day clinical visits with MSF-supervisor alternating in other centres of excellence in Switzerland, Germany and France (2/6months) Sports: MSFS and EHC strive for excellence in surgical education and have a keen interest to support sports activities outside work with the most outstanding outdoor sport opportunities close by: Hiking and mountaineering, bike riding, cross country/trail running, activities on lake of Geneva, alpine skiing, cross-country and ski touring. Director and supervisor: Dr Stefan Bauer (Fellowship director/supervisor) DVSE certified shoulder and elbow surgeon, SECEC-ESSE, DVSE, AGA, DGOOC, SVM, FMH Morges Hospital, EHC, Switzerland
SECEC surgeons within the unit: Stefan Bauer
Language: French, English, German
La Colline Shoulder Center
CH - Geneva - 76a avenue de la Roseraie, 1205 Genève
Fellowship Program Director: Gregory Cunningham
Dr Cunningham is a fellowship-trained shoulder and elbow surgeon, involved in teaching and research activities. His practice is set up partly in one of the major private clinics of Geneva with a type 2 trauma center (La Colline Shoulder Center), and within the University Hospitals of Geneva where he collaborates directly with a cadaveric and biomechanical lab. He does over 3000 consultations and operates 350-400 patients per year, including shoulder and elbow arthroscopy, arthroplasty, revision, and trauma. His weekly program consists in 2.5 days of clinics, 1.5 day of elective surgery, 1 day of academics, and extra trauma cases during the week and weekends.
SECEC surgeons within the unit: Gregory Cunningham
Language: French, English
Orthopaedics Sonnenhof, Sportsclinicnumber1 and Inselspital
CH - Bern - Salvisbergstrasse 4, 3006 Bern
Fellowship Program Director: Prof. M. Zumstein
Private practices and activity also as a consultant at the Inselspital, University of Bern. Research activities in collaboration with different national and international units.
SECEC surgeons within the unit: Prof. M. Zumstein
Language: English, Clinics in German and French
Shoulder and Elbow Unit, Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Kantonsspital St.Gallen
CH - 9007 St. Gallen - Rorschacherstrasse 95
Fellowship Program Director: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Jost and PD Dr. Christian Spross
Prof. Bernhard Jost and PD Christian Spross run the shoulder and elbow team. 3 days of surgery and 2 days of clinics every week. Level 1 center with the whole spectrum of trauma and orthopaedics for shoulder and elbow surgery (> 850 surgeries per year). High scientific output with main focus on clinical research including motion analysis and biomechnical lab.
SECEC surgeons within the unit: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Jost and PD Dr. Christian Spross
Language: German or English
Department of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Balgrist University Hospital
CH - Zurich - Forchstrasse 340
Fellowship Program Director: PD. Dr. med. Karl Wieser
The Shoulder and Elbow Unit of the Balgrist University Hospital is a highly spezialised team of 4 staff member surgeons, under the lead of PD. Dr. med. Karl Wieser. The team has a high clinical experience with annually over 8000 outpatient clinic visits and almost 1000 shoulder and elbow surgeries. We have a strong scientific track record focusing on rotator cuff pathology (i.e. muscle degeneration), glenohumeral instability and shoulder arthroplasty. With our new research facility, the Balgrist Campus we have the opportunity to collaborate with high end researchers of all fields, providing all opportunities for basic and clinical research.
SECEC surgeons within the unit: PD. Dr. med. Karl Wieser, Prof. Christian Gerber; PD. Dr. med. Samy Bouaicha; Dr. med. Florian Grubhofer
Language: English and German
Endoclinic Zurich, Klinik Hirslanden
CH - Zurich - Witellikerstrasse 40
Fellowship Program Director: Alberto G. Schneeberger, Christoph Spormann
We are 2 shoulder and elbow surgeons in the private Institution of Hirslanden Klinik in Zurich. We operate per year up to about 500 shoulder and elbow cases. Fellows are welcome with a minimum stay of 3 months participating in cases in the operation room, in the outpatient clinic and in scientific papers.
SECEC surgeons within the unit: 2, after July 2022, there will be 3 SECEC surgeons
Language: German
Department of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Schulthess Clinic
CH - Zurich - Lengghalde 2
Fellowship Program Director: Prof. Dr. Markus Scheibel
The Department of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery at Schulthess Hospital in Zurich is the largest unit dedicated to shoulder and elbow surgery in Switzerland. The team consists of one chairman, one vice-chairman, one senior consultant, two leading surgeons, four attendings and four residents. In addition the Department has it´s own reaserch unit that is lead by Prof. Laurent Audigé. The yearly surgical volume is aroung 1400 procedures including all kinds of arthroscopic and open reconstruction surgeries, primary and revision arthroplasty and acute fracture treatment of the shoulder and the elbow. Every day we have outpatient clinic and one - three surgical rooms going on. In addition, weekly meetings dedicated to specific topics for shoulder and elbow surgery exist. We currently accommodate fellows from all over the world. A true collaboration with the University of Basel and the Charité-Universitaetsmedizin Berlin does exist.
SECEC surgeons within the unit: Prof. Dr. Markus Scheibel, Dr. Fabrizio Moro, Dr. Michael Glanzmann, Dr. Christian Jung, Dr. Florian Freislederer
Language: English, German
Deutsche Schulter- und Ellenbogenklinik, Sportklinik Stuttgart
DE - D-70372 Stuttgart - Taubenheimstrasse 8
Fellowship Program Director: PD Dr. med. Frieder Mauch
The Sportklinik Stuttgart is an orthopedic specialist clinic with a nationwide focus. Due to the regional proximity to the Olympic base at Stuttgart and the wide-ranging medical support of various sports clubs and major sporting events by the clinic, one of the main areas of activity is the treatment of sports-related injuries, particularly by arthroscopic procedures. Treatment options range from conservative, arthroscopic and open procedures, to arthroplasty. As part of a high degree of specialization, the treatment of the patients takes place in different departments according to the area of injury. The department of shoulder-and elbow-surgery is headed by PD Dr. Mauch and three senior physicians. Around 1700 interventions are carried out each year, ranging from common to complex reconstructive procedures, especially by arthroscopic interventions. Another focus is the alloplastic joint replacement. Outpatient Clinics run on a daily base. A high value is placed on the best and optimal treatment of patients according to the latest scientific findings. Therefore the Sportklinik Stuttgart is already a designated teaching center for members of the DVSE, GOTS and AGA. Additionally, apart from teaching specialty trainees, university students are regularly trained in house as well. A special feature of the Sportklinik Stuttgart is the close link between imaging diagnostics and surgical treatment. PD Dr Mauch is one of a few orthopedic surgeons who also has a special expertise in the field of sectional imaging procedures and is a certified trainer for magnetic resonance imaging of the professional association of orthopedics and trauma surgery (BVOU). In this context, regular training courses in MRI and CT findings are carried out in the Sportklinik, and courses on arthroscopy and MRI take place in the cadaver lab. • Memberships and activities PD Dr. Frieder Mauch Memberships • CEO of the German society of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (DVSE) • CEO of the Society for Orthopaedic Traumatologic Sports Medicine (GOTS) • Member of le Société Européenne pour la Chirurgie de l'Epaule et du Coude (SECEC) • Member of the European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and the Elbow (ESSSE) • Member of the German Society for Arthroplasty (AE) • Member of the German Society for Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery (DGOOC) • CEO of the department sectional imaging procedures within DGOOC / DGU • Member of the Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery (AGA) • Member of the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention (DGSP) • Member of the Association of South German Orthopedists and Trauma Surgeons (DVSOU) • Member of the Professional association for orthopedics and trauma surgery (BVOU) • Member of AO Trauma Europe Activities • lecturer at the University of Ulm • Congress President DVSE 2017 • team doctor of the basketball team MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg • team doctor of the handball team TVB 1989 Stuttgart • ATP doctor of the international tennis tournament (MercedesCup) in Stuttgart • certified trainer for magnetic resonance imaging of the professional association of orthopedics and trauma surgery (BVOU) • Instructor of the Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery (AGA
SECEC surgeons within the unit: PD Dr. med. Frieder Mauch
Language: English; German
Orthoclinic Agatharied
DE - 83734 Hausham - Norbert Kerkel Platz
Fellowship Program Director: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brunner
The Orthoclinic Agatharied is certified in 2021 as "Deutsche Schulter- und Ellenbogenklinik" by the DVSE. It is included in our trauma and orthopaedic department in the regional Hospital Agatharied, academic teaching hospital of the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich . The department is under the leadership of Prof. U. Brunner as chief surgeon and medical director, with his specialisation in Shoulder and Ellbow Surgery and PD Dr. P. Prodinger with his specialisation in hip and knee arthroplasty. The department is running 75 beds including intermediate care. The intensive care unit is under the guidance of the anaesthesiology department. Beside we are a certified egional traumacenter (DGOU) and a certified "endoprothetic center max". As teaching hospital we are hosting students and as teaching unit of the DVSE we are hosting DVSE travelling fellows and for years among other international visitors the southamerican travelling fellows. Our teaching qualification includes full (48m) for Orthopaediccs and Traumatology and 36 m for special traumatology. The department counts 23 doctors, including the 2 chief surgeons and 7 "Oberärzte". The shoulder and elbow cases are in the majority operated by Prof .U.Brunner, Dr. R. Nadjar and Dr. C. Immler, all of them DVSE certified S/E surgeons. Together we offer 5 days of outpatient clinics for S/E . For many years we are organizing the traditional Tegernseer Schulter und Ellenbogen Congress together with Prof. E. Wiedemann under the patronage of SECEC. Prof Brunner was chair of an ICL last year for SECEC. He served as chair of the SECEC Qualification Committe and was part of the excom in that time. He was SECEC travelling fellow to the US in 1994. He is the actual SECEC national delegate of Germany
SECEC surgeons within the unit: 1
Language: German /English
OCM - Orthopädische Chirurgie München
DE - Munich - Steinerstrasse 6
Fellowship Program Director: Prof. Dr. Patric Raiss, M.D.
I am a board certified Surgeon for Orthopaedics and Traumatology in Germany. I specialized myself early in the field of Shoulder- and Elbow Surgery at the University Hospital in Heidelberg - Germany and published several papers in this field. Additionally, I underwent an one year Fellowship (09/2011 - 08/2012) in Lyon, France with Dr. Gilles Walch. After my residency I worked as a consultant surgeon in the Clinic for Orthopaedics & Traumatology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany where I received my Professorship in 2016. In 2017 I changed to Munich to the OCM, one of the leading Clinics for Orthopaedics & Traumatology in Germany. Overall 12.000 surgeries are done in this institution per year and between 1500-2000 Shoulder and Elbow Surgeries by me and my partners. The applicant does around 700 Shoulder and Elbow operations per year (>100 arthroplasties; >300 rotator cuff repairs; around 100 stabilisation procedures and others). A special focus is replacement surgery of the shoulder and arthroscopic reconstructive surgery. Clinical collaborations with other Departments (physiotherapy, rehabilitation, etc.) do exist. Research collaborations (clinical and experimental) with multiple Universities in Germany (Heidelberg, Berlin/ Charite, etc) as well as international collaborations are existing successfully since years. Shoulder and Elbow Surgeries are done in 1-3 theaters per day and usually 2-4 consultations are running every day. National as well as international fellows are hosted frequently.
SECEC surgeons within the unit: 3
Language: English, German
Shoulder and Elbow surgery, Department of Orthopaedics (OUSE), Rhön-Klinikum, Campus Bad Neustadt
DE - Bad Neustadt - Von-Guttenberg-Straße 11, 97616 Bad Neustadt an der Saale
Fellowship Program Director: Frank Gohlke
Department for shoulder and elbow surgery, Rhön clinics, Bad Neustadt, Head of Department for shoulder and elbow surgery: Prof. MD F. Gohlke, substutute PhD MD A. Berner, PhD MD R. Hudek (both certified shoulder and elbow surgeon of DVSE), Ayman Abdelkawi PhD MD, all kind of conservative and operative treatment, including all arthroscopic procedures, arthroplasty and fractures
SECEC surgeons within the unit: Frank Gohlke, A. Berner, Robert Hudek, Ayman Abdelkawi
Language: German
Helios Endo Clinic - Sports Orthopaedic dpt
DE - Hamburg - .
Fellowship Program Director: Andreas Werner
Founding member of the german shoulder + elbow society, focussed on shoulder + elbow surgery for more than 25 years. Also, assoc member of ASES, AGA etc. Head of sports ortho dept at Helios Endo Clinic, Hamburg, Germany, with a dedicated team of 5 surgeons doing shoulder + elbow with > 1000 shoulder surgeries per year.
SECEC surgeons within the unit: .
Language: .
Department of Trauma- and Hand Surgery, St. Vincentius Clinic, ViDiaClinics, Karlsruhe
DE - Karlsruhe - Südendstr. 32
Fellowship Program Director: Prof. Lars-Johannes Lehmann
Our institution as a level 2 trauma center. Head of the department is the deputy chair of the german society of shoulder and elbow surgery Prof. Lars-Johannes Lehmann. We are doing around 1500 shoulder and elbow surgeries per year. Monday and Thursday afternoon are the consultation ours. We are doing around 6 shoulder and elbow surgeries per weekday. Our institution is already a teaching center of the german shoulder and elbow society.
SECEC surgeons within the unit: Prof. Lars-Johannes Lehmann, Dr. Christian Gerhardt
Language: German, English
ATOS Klinik Fleetinsel Hamburg
DE - Hamburg - Admiralitätstrasse 3-4
Fellowship Program Director: PD Dr. Jörn Kircher
I work together with Achim Hedtmann in a hospital attached (ATOS Klinik Fleetinsel Hamburg) private practice in the heart of Hamburg. I am specialized in shoulder and elbow surgery for more than 15 years. We cover the entire range of operations in the field of shoulder and elbow surgery with more than 1.000 operations each year in that specific area.
SECEC surgeons within the unit: Jörn Kircher, Achim Hedtmann
Language: English
Dept. for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Sportsmedicine
DE - Essen - Heidbergweg 22-24
Fellowship Program Director: Harris Georgousis, MD, PhD
I am Harris Georgousis, MD, PhD. I have been a SECEC ordinary member since 1991, and currently the national Delegate of SECEC for Greece. I have been a founding member of DVSE ( 1994, German society for shoulder and elbow surgery) and founding member of the Greek shoulder and Elbow Group (1998) Founding member and first President of the Greek Arthroscopic Society (2005) I have been doing Shoulder and Elbow Surgery exclusively and fully specialised since 1993, that means for 27 years. I have established specialised Shoulder and Elbow Services / Departments at the University of Essen- Germany ( Orthop. Dept., 1993), St. Josef Hospital Essen- Germany (1996), Interbalcan European Medical Center Thessaloniki - Greece (2000), Metropolitan Hospital in Athens (2001) being the Chief of the Departments and responsible for Resident and Specialised Shoulder and Elbow Fellowship Training Programms. Currently I am full time still the Chief of Department for shoulder and Elbow Surgery at the St. Josef Hospital in Essen-Germany covering all the open and arthroscopic spectrum of shoulder and elbow surgery. I am still time at the Metropolitan Hospital in Athens doing exclusively Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. Since 1993 I have organized and coorganised national and international congresses and surgical cadaver courses in Germany and greece. (Secec Athens Congress 2006, International Shoulder and Elbow course Essen, 11 Times, International Shoulder and Elbow course Essen + Würzburg (3 times), International Shoulder and Elbow course Athens 2002, 1 st. Congress Greek arthroscopic Society, etc.......)
SECEC surgeons within the unit: Harris Georgousis, MD, PhD
Language: German
Department of Shoulder an Elbow Surgery
DE - Bad Rappenau - Vulpiusstr. 29 74906 Bad Rappenau
Fellowship Program Director: PD Dr. Wolfgang Pötzl
The department of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery at the Vulpius Clinic was founded in 2006. The team consists of PD Dr. Wolfgang Pötzl, head of the department and 2 senior shoulder surgeons, Dr. Axel Müller and Dr. Stefan Zink. The department participates in the resident training program and so the Vulpius Clinic resindents rotate for 6 months in the Shoulder and Elbow department during their residency. Between 800 and 1000 shoulder and elbow surgeries are performed per year. One specialised focus is shoulder arthroplasty. The weekly program consists of 4 operating days and 1.5 days outpatient clinics.
SECEC surgeons within the unit: PD Dr. Wolfgang Pötzl, Dr. Axel Müller, Dr. Stefan Zink
Language: German
Department of Sports Orthopedics, Technical University Munich
DE - Munich - Ismaningerstr. 22
Fellowship Program Director: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Siebenlist, MHBA
University department of sports orthopedics, three fellowship trained shoulder and elbow surgeons, two/three operating - rooms/day: - 100 shoulder cases/month including shoulder instability, Latarjet procedure/ bone block augmentation, arthroscopic repair of massiv and global rotator cuff tears, tendon transfer procedures, superior capsule reconstruction (SCR), arthroscopically assisted AC joint stabilization of acute/ chronic AC joint separation SC joint reconstruction - 25 elbow cases/month including acute/ chronic elbow instability, ligament reconstruction for PLRI) and medial instability, elbow fracture management (radial head, proximal ulna, distal humerus), complex dislocation injuries, biceps and triceps tendon repair and reconstruction, arthroscopic/ open joint release, arthroscopic/ open epicondyilitis treatment
SECEC surgeons within the unit: -
Language: englisch
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