Aim of the European Support Committee

Recent years have been really fascinating in Eastern Europe regarding the shoulder and elbow development. There were always many brilliant surgeons in the area. There has been also long orthopaedic tradition in our countries. We have to admit however that there is still a lot to be done to make eastern contribution more significant.
All modern surgical techniques became available in our countries. New generation of experts appeared. This creates new opportunities but also responsibilities.
Our current efforts should be devoted to improve our research activities, be more active in presenting own results and publish our data. There are still countries having just single members or not having any in our Society. Since SECEC is probably the best forum in the planet to share and improve in shoulder and elbow knowledge we should really struggle to attract all shoulder and elbow enthusiasts to a big SECEC family.
SECEC is really supporting our part of Europe. Eastern European Committee has been established to facilitate the communication and help Eastern European countries in their efforts to develop shoulder and elbow surgery. Our activities include, but are not limited to:

  • help organizing course and symposia
  • facilitate training of the surgeons in visiting centres
  • assist in becoming society members
  • activate national communities
  • spread the information of learning opportunities

One of our recent plan is to organize eastern european fellowship in near future.
If you have any questions regarding our activity or need any help and assistance in above matter feel free to contact any member of our committee or SECEC office.

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