The Online Shoulder and Elbow School - OSES

In order to create a community of surgeons interesting in shoulder and elbow, motivate young surgeons and learn for senior surgeons and their experience, the Junior Committee is organizing an Online Shoulder and Elbow School (OSES).

The OSES is based on a series of online case-discussion between young and senior surgeons regarding shoulder and elbow pathologies that young surgeons should not miss in their daily practice.

Meetings are performed the second week of each month. The connection is free and available to all those who want to join the meeting. OSES are recorded and available to watch on the website afterwards.

Each case-discussion has a structure composed of two senior surgeons and five young surgeons, with a mean duration of one hour. Senior surgeons are invited by the SECEC Junior Committee and young surgeons must apply to participate.

To apply and participate in the case discussions, you must be a SECEC Member - (apply for membership here - free membership for EU members under 32) and:

  • a resident in your last years of residency


  • a consultant in your first years with certain degree of knowledge in the field

After this application process, young surgeons will be allocated in the different OSES according to their preferences. A certificate will be sent to the participants in Online Shoulder and Elbow School.

Previous sessions

May 2024 : Acromioclavicular Joint Dislocation directed by Clara Azevedo and Alexander Van Tongel with the participation of Blaise Cochard (Switzerland), Matteo Messori (Italy), ⁠Joao Andre Alves (Portugal), Abdulhamit Misir (Turkey), Salar Pour Jafar (Germany).

March 2024 : Distal Biceps Lesions directed by Roger van Riet and Alessandra Colozza with the participation of Ankit Jose (India), Enrique Peces (Spain), Krunal Soni (India), Maria Shiryaeva (Russia), Ilaria Zorzolo (Italia).

January 2024 : Glenohumeral arthritis directed by Pr Alexandre Laedermann and Pr Pascal Boileau with the participation of Malik Celik (Turkey), Mihai Gregoras (Romania), Edoardo Giovannetti de Sanctis (Italy), Sumpada Primbudi (Indonesia) and Albert Ferrando (Spain)

May 2023 : Periprosthetic shoulder and elbow infection directed by Dr Robert Hudek and Dr Mark Morrey with the participation of Augustinas Rimkunas, Marco Distefano, Ana Batista, Geoffroi Lallemand, Doruk Akgün

March 2023 : Rotator cuff tears directed by Dr Christian Gerber and Dr Philippe Valenti with the participation of Laurens Zweers, Antonio Arenas, Giovanni Caruso, Prithee Jettoo, Diogo Chora

November 2022 : Elbow stiffness directed by Dr Adam Watts and Dr Pierre Mansat with the participation of Juan Ameztoy Gallego, Arnaud Walch, Marina Faccio, Philipp Schippers, Roberto Pareyon

September 2022 (SECEC Dublin 2022) : Complications after shoulder arthroplasty directed by DrJoaquín Sanchez Sotelo and Dr Markus Scheibel with the participation of John Tristan Cassidy, Maria Brotat, Ailbhe White-Gibson, Freek Hollman, Gonzalo Luengo

March 2022 : Elbow instability directed by Dr Shawn O'Driscoll and Dr David Blonna with the participation of Patrick Carroll, Ana Alfonso, Nick Hilgersom, Sebastian Lappen, Pierre-Emmanuel Chammas

November 2021 : Shoulder Instability directed by Dr Emilio Calvo and Dr Philipp Moroder with the participation of Riccardo Ranieri, Eoghan Hurley, Cristina Delgado, Freek Hollman, Jules Decamps

September 2021 (SECEC Poznan 2021) : Elbow Fractures directed by Dr Antonio Foruria and Dr Roger Van Riet) with the participation of Anna Wawrzyniak, Alfonso Vaquero, Hubert Laprus, Gonzalo Luengo, Oliver Dhollander

May 2021 : Proximal humerus fractures directed by Dr Carlos Torrens and Dr Matthias Zumstein with the participation of Lukas Heilmann, Ignacio de Rus, Valentina Greco, David Gonçalves, Laura Kok

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