Online Shoulder and Elbow School

In order to create a community of surgeons interesting in shoulder and elbow, motivate young surgeons and learn for senior surgeons and their experience, the Junior Committee has organized the Online Shoulder and Elbow School (OSES).

The OSES is based on a series of online case-discussion between young and senior surgeons regarding shoulder and elbow pathologies that young surgeons should not miss in their daily practice. Meetings will be performed the second week of each month. The connection will be free and available to all those who want to join the meeting. OSES will be recorded and upload in Junior Committee SECEC website.

Each case-discussion has a structure composed of two senior surgeons and five young surgeons, with a mean duration of one hour. Senior surgeons will be invited by SECEC Junior Committee and young surgeons must apply to participate. The requirements of the OSES include being a resident in the last years of residency or a consultant in their first years with certain degree of knowledge in the field to participate in a case-discussion. SECEC Membership is not mandatory but all the participants will be encouraged to be part of the of the society.

To apply for the OSES, each candidate will need to fulfill the application form. This form has two parts: affiliation data and two columns of different shoulder and elbow topics in which the applicants would like to participate.

The application form will be sent to

After application process, young surgeons will be distributed in the different OSES according to their preferences.

A certificate will be sent to the participants in Online Shoulder and Elbow School.

OSES shoulder instability:

OSES Proximal Humerus Fractures:

OSES Elbow Instability :

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