Intra European Travelling Fellowship

The European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and the Elbow organises a travelling fellowship for two young European surgeons in the different European centers specialized in shoulder and elbow surgery.

The next fellowship will start in the June 2025 for a 4 week tour.

Applicants must be under the age of 40 years, must be certified orthopaedic surgeons and must have a well documented experience in patients care and scientific research.


  • The Intra European fellowship is fully organised by our Society.
  • Two fellows will be selected among the candidates.
    • The Intra European fellowship is usually organised in June.
      1. The European Society will choose the dates of the travel.
      2. No changes will be made in the dates of the travel.
  • The Intra European fellows will visit 8 centres.
  • Financial conditions: Travel expenses are all covered by the society. The central office of the society makes the flight/train/car reservations. Hotel accommodation is also paid by the SECEC; only rooms, breakfast are covered. No extra charges will be accepted. The choice of the hotel is under the responsibility of the hosts. The hosts cover lunches and dinners.
  • Travel reports are needed and are very important for the next fellowships. The Education Committee wishes, also, to get a non-official report with more personal remarks about the Centres and the travel. The Intra European fellows travelling in June are invited to present a travel report at the upcoming Congress of our Society during the Award Session. They have free registration, accommodation and gala dinner.
  • The selected fellows will be automatically appointed “Associate Members”.

These rules must be strictly respected and submitting an application involves that the candidates have accepted these rules.

Past Winners

2023 N. Martinez Catalan / G. Karademir

2019 E. Bellato / I. Eren

2017 A. Rashid / J. Walecka

2015 T. Patzer / M. Moursy

2013 N. Aydin / R. Barco Laakso

2011 D. Blonna / S. Greiner

2009 C. Bartl / G. Delle Rose

2007 P. Lubiatowski / M. Scheibel

2005 A. Papadopoulos / I. Szabo

2003 S. Antuna / A.C. Atalar

2001 A. Cartucho / L.D. Duranthon

1999 J. Armengol Barallat / R. Dodenhoff

1997 E. Baulot / B. Cohen

1995 A. Iserin / P. Suder

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