Health Care Delivery Committee

1) Committee Mission

The Health Care Delivery Committee, aligned with the SECEC-ESSSE values for the

highest standards of treatment for shoulder and elbow conditions in Europe, as

intensified its activity in establishing and promoting relations with other professionals

from orthopaedic and trauma surgeons involved in the care, research or education of

shoulder and elbow.

2) Committee Presentation


-Tjarco Alta (Netherlands)


-Angelo Di Giunta (Italy)

-Ingrid Hultenheim (Sweden)

-Manuel Ribeiro da Silva(Portugal)

-Jagwant Singh (United Kingdom)

3) Committee Activities

Past Events

 17 th November 2020

SECEC-EUSSER Webinar: Non operative and operative treatment of repairable

rotator cuff tears: search for a European Consensus

 18 th May 2021

SECEC-EUSSER Webinar: Frozen Shoulder: is supervised neglect the best we can


Future Events

 11 th May 2022

SECEC-EUSSER Webinar: Managing Elbow Stiffness

 9 th September 2022

SECEC/EUSSER session SECEC Congress in Dublin: Small rotator cuff tears - When

to go to theatre?

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