Didier Patte Prize


This premier scientific award of the SECEC, which is granted every two years, was created to honour the memory of Didier Patte - an outstanding French shoulder surgeon who was one of the two founding members of the SECEC with Norbert Gschwend. It has a value of € 3,000.
The prize will be awarded for a body of European scientific research of outstanding merit pertaining to the shoulder.

  • The work must be presented in English
  • It must not have received a comparable prize
  • It should consist of a body of several original studies on the same or related topic
  • Single studies are not eligible
  • At least part of the work should not have been published before the submission deadline
  • The principal author should be under the age of 45

Application Info

Stay tuned for the next available application (2025)

List of the past Didier Patte Prize winners

  • 2023: P. Moroder (Switzerland) - "The ABC Classification of posterior shoulder instability"

  • 2021: F. Verhaegen (Belgium) - "Morphological and biomechanical aspects of glenoid erosions and humeral head migration in shoulder arthropathy: implications for 3D total shoulder arthroplasty planning"

  • 2019: M. Jacxsens (Switzerland) - "Morphology of the Most Common Shoulder Pathologies Using Conventional and Advanced Imaging"
  • 2019: L. Willemot (Belgium) - "Biomechanics of Bone Block Procedures in Anterior Shoulder Instability Surgery"

  • 2015: T. Alta (Netherlands) - "Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty. Does It Work? Kinematic Analyses, Clinical Evaluation & New Developments"

  • 2013: D. Van Kampen (Netherlands) - "Evaluation of diagnostic and prognostic performance of patient history, orthopaedic shoulder tests and shoulder-specific questionnaires"

  • 2009 : R. Benson (UK) - "The pathology of rotator cuff failure"

  • 2007 : M. Van de Sande (Netherlands) - "Rotator Cuff Disease in the Rheumatoid Shoulder"

  • 2005 : N. Pouliart (Belgium) - "Shoulder Instability : Experimental Model and Related Anatomy"

  • 2003 : S.L. Jenssen (Denmark) - "Elbow Joint laxity after experimental excision of the radial head"

  • 2001 : J. Armengol Barallat (Spain) - "Influence of the Coracoacromial Morphology on Shoulder Elevation"

  • 1998 : B.S. Olsen (Denmark) - "Posterolateral Elbow Joint Instability"

  • 1996 : A. Schneeberger (Switzerland) - "Structural Changes of the Rotator Cuff Caused by Experimental Subacromial Impingement in the Rat"

  • 1994 : F. Gohlke (Germany) - "Capsuloligamentous Control of the Glenohumeral Joint"

  • 1992 : M. Kronberg - "Shoulder Joint Instability Aspects on Muscle Function and Skeletal Anatomy"

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