Didier Patte Prize


This premier scientific award of the society, which is awarded every two years, was created to commemorate the memory of Didier Patte - an outstanding French shoulder surgeon who was one of the two Founder Members of SECEC/ESSSE with Norbert Gschwend. It has a value of € 3000. The prize will be awarded for a body of European scientific research of outstanding merit pertaining to the shoulder.

The work must be presented in English and must not have received a comparable prize. It should consist of a body of several original studies on the same or related topic. Single studies are not eligible. At least part of the work should not have been published before the submission deadline. The principal author should be under the age of 45.

Application Info

The next deadline for submission is June 15, 2023. Applications will be reviewed and selected by the Research and Development Committee. The decision will be publicly announced and the prize be awarded at the next SECEC congress. The laureate will be asked to present his/her work in a ten minute presentation during the Award ceremony.

List of the past Didier Patte Prize winners

  • 1992 : M. Kronberg - "Shoulder Joint Instability Aspects on Muscle Function and Skeletal Anatomy"

  • 1994 : F. Gohlke (Germany) - "Capsuloligamentous Control of the Glenohumeral Joint"

  • 1996 : A. Schneeberger (Switzerland) - "Structural Changes of the Rotator Cuff Caused by Experimental Subacromial Impingement in the Rat"

  • 1998 : B.S. Olsen (Denmark) - "Posterolateral Elbow Joint Instability"

  • 2001 : J. Armengol Barallat (Spain) - "Influence of the Coracoacromial Morphology on Shoulder Elevation"

  • 2003 : S.L. Jenssen (Denmark) - "Elbow Joint laxity after experimental excision of the radial head"

  • 2005 : N. Pouliart (Belgium) - "Shoulder Instability : Experimental Model and Related Anatomy"

  • 2007 : M. Van de Sande (Netherlands) - "Rotator Cuff Disease in the Rheumatoid Shoulder"

  • 2009 : R. Benson (UK) - "The pathology of rotator cuff failure"

  • 2013: D. Van Kampen (Netherlands) - "Evaluation of diagnostic and prognostic performance of patient history, orthopaedic shoulder tests and shoulder-specific questionnaires"

  • 2015: T. Alta (Netherlands) - "Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty. Does It Work? Kinematic Analyses, Clinical Evaluation & New Developments"

  • 2019: L. Willemot (Belgium) - "Biomechanics of Bone Block Procedures in Anterior Shoulder Instability Surgery"
  • 2019: M. Jacxsens (Switzerland) - "Morphology of the Most Common Shoulder Pathologies Using Conventional and Advanced Imaging"

  • 2021: F. Verhaegen (Belgium- - "Morphological and biomechanical aspects of glenoid erosions and humeral head migration in shoulder arthropathy: implications for 3D total shoulder arthroplasty planning"
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