Europe - USA Travelling Fellowship

General Conditions

The European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and the Elbow organizes with the collaboration of the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons a travelling fellowship for 2 young European surgeons in the different USA centers specialized in shoulder and elbow surgery.

The next fellowship will start in the fall 2024 for a 5 or 6 week tour.

Applicants must be under the age of 45 years, must be certified orthopaedic surgeons and must have a well documented experience in patients care and scientific research.

Only online applications are accepted before December 31, 2023.


  • The USA fellowship is organised by the American Shoulder Elbow Society when hosting the SECEC Fellows.
  • Usually the fellows are travelling in September/October but the final dates are chosen by the ASES.
  • Two fellows will be selected among the candidates.
  • Financial conditions: the American Society covers all Travel expenses. The central office of the American Society makes the flight/train/car/ room reservations.
  • Travel reports are needed and are very important for the next fellowships. The Education Committee wishes, also, to get a non-official report with more personal remarks about the Centres and the travel. The fellows will present an official report during the Award Session of the SECEC Congress.
  • The selected fellows will be automatically appointed “Ordinary Members”.

These rules must be strictly respected and submitting an application involves that the candidates have accepted these rules.

Past Winners

1993 P. Boileau / R. Emery

1994 U. Brünner / N. Wülker

1996 L. Frich / R. Hertel

1998 J. Kiss / S. Lambert

2000 A. Schneeberger / J. Steinbeck

2002 B.S. Olsen / A. Wallace

2004 S. Akpinar / F. Sirveaux

2006 M. Rickert / I. Szabo

2008 M. Borroni / M. Flury

2010 D. Liem / Ph. Kasten

2012 N. Bonnevialle / A. Laedermann

2014 S. Carbone / L. Neyton

2016 A. Van Tongel / T. Alta

2018 P. Moroder / P. Raiss

2022 N. Hawi / J. Rasmussen

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