Dear SECEC Members,

In order to ensure consistent, high quality standards of education of young shoulder and elbow surgeons, and therefore to ensure high performance standards of shoulder and elbow surgery in Europe, SECEC has established the SECEC Certificate.

To apply for the Certificate each candidate surgeon will need to fulfil the requirements of the SECEC Shoulder and Elbow Curriculum. The Curriculum has a structure composed of two “columns”.

The First Column of the Curriculum is based on educational points granted for participation in International Congresses and Courses organized by SECEC or under SECEC patronage.

The candidate must attend 100 hours of the Shoulder lectures (10 Basic, 40 Trauma, 50 Elective) and 50 hours of the Elbow lectures (10 Basic, 20 Trauma, 20 Elective) at these congresses/courses.

Each Organising Committee of a Congress or Course who wishes to apply for SECEC patronage is obliged to submit the scientific program to the SECEC Qualification Committee. After the accreditation process and approval of the Chair of the Committee, a certificate granting SECEC patronage would be sent to the Organizer to be distributed to the participants.

The Second Column of the Curriculum is based on completing visiting fellowships at recognized SECEC teaching centres. SECEC teaching centres will be accredited based on a desire to be included as a teaching centre and on an application to the SECEC Qualification Committee which fulfils 50 points on an 80-point scale of criteria agreed with the Executive Committee, and published on the SECEC website.

We are committed to ensuring the highest standard of shoulder and elbow care in Europe and we firmly believe that this certification process will help deliver this.

How to apply

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