Australia / New Zealand /South Africa Travelling Fellowship

General Conditions

  • The Australian & New Zealand & South African fellows will visit 4 centres.
  • Three fellows, one from each country, will be selected by their Societies.
  • All three fellows will travel together.
  • The selected fellows must provide a CV and a list of 5 papers they can present during their travel.
  • Financial conditions: The Australia & New Zealand & South African fellows are responsible for their flight reservation and hotel booking. SECEC will provide a list of hotels in each visited centres and help the fellows to book the flights if needed. The schedule of flights must be sent to SECEC ( before July 15. SECEC will informed the European hosts about the arrival and departure flights.
  • Fellows are invited to the SECEC congress and gala dinner and have free registration and accommodation. The SECEC central office makes the registration to the congress and Gala dinner.
  • The Australia & New Zealand & South African fellows will be appointed “Corresponding Members” of the Society.

Past Winners

2022 F. Taylor (Australia) / C. Jones (New Zealand)/ JP du Plessis (SA)

2018 A. Moaveni (Australia) / G. McCoubrey (New Zealand)

2016 A. Stokes (New Zealand) / M. Evans (Australia)

2014 A. Malone (New Zealand) / S. Barwood (Australia)

2011 A. Dalgliesh (New Zealand) / K. Cutbush (Australia)

2009 P. Knight (New Zealand) / R. Page (Australia)

2007 M. Ross (Australia)

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