USA - Europe Travelling Fellowship

General Conditions

  • The American fellows will visit 8 centres.
  • Two fellows will be selected by the ASES.
  • The selected fellows must provide a CV and a list of 5 papers they can present during their travel.
  • Financial conditions: The travel expenses are all covered by SECEC. The central office of the Society makes the flight/train/car reservations. Hotel accommodation is also paid by the SECEC; only rooms and breakfast are covered. No extra charges will be accepted. The choice of the hotel is under the responsibility of the hosts. The hosts cover lunches and dinners.
  • Fellows are invited to the SECEC congress and gala dinner and have free registration and accommodation.
  • The American fellows will be appointed “Corresponding Members” of the Society.

Past Winners

1993 E. Flatow / JP Warner

1995 S. Harryman / M. Wirth

1997 J. Pollock / G. Williams

1999 S. Petersen / K. Speer

2001 E. McFarland / M. Pearl

2003 W. Levine / P. St Pierre

2005 S. Krishnan / S. Steinmann

2007 L. Galatz / J. Sperling

2009 A. Armstrong / J. Abboud

2011 G. Athwal/J. Keener

2013 R. Bicknell / R. Tashjian

2015 B. Elhassan / T. Throckmorton

2017 G. Garrigues / A. Singh

2019 M. Freehill / U. Srikumaran

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