Research Grants

SECEC facilitates international scientific knowledge exchange and collaboration by providing financial, technical and logistical support and network opportunities for multicentric studies

SECEC Research Grants

SECEC offers the possibility to apply for a research grant intended to promote and support basic or clinical research related to shoulder and elbow pathologies.
The primary purpose of these grants is to foster projects that provide useful information and/or develop and provide methodological tools for the benefit of our society. The obtained knowledge will be at free disposal for SECEC members.

Application information

Applications are open for two research grants in 2024 - one Basic research and one Clinical research. Please note that methodological and epidemiological projects will be favoured. Funding for a maximum of 20,000 Euro will be provided for each project.

Applications will be reviewed and selected by the Research & Development Committee. The decision will be communicated at the following SECEC Congress.

The recipient of the grant will be asked to produce a progress report to the Research & Development Committee, due one month prior to the SECEC or ICSES meeting.

When an oral and/or written publication results from the supported research, acknowledgment using the SECEC logo and the mention "supported by a research grant from SECEC" is required. Please note that the paper should be submitted for publication in one of SECEC's official journals: JSES or JSES International.

*The application can be authored or co-authored by non-members provided that there is at least one full SECEC member in the author's list

Application Criteria

  • SECEC full member in the authors' list*
  • description of the project
  • incl. all involved persons and institutions
  • incl. estimated budget and schedule
  • application in English
  • deadline: June 15th 2024

SECEC supported research projects

  • 17th SECEC Research Grant 2023

Clinical: Enrico Bellato (Italia)

Study Title: Evaluation of an intraoperative iodopovidone irrigation efficacy in reducing microbial contamination in shoulder arthroplasty: a clinical and a multifaceted microbiological study

Basic: Raúl Barco (Spain), Luis Palacios Díaz, Angel Gonzalez Diaz, Samuel Antuña, Enrique Gómez Barrena

Study Title: Traumatic and neurogenic joint contracture in an experimental model in the Rat : preventive role of Celecoxib and Ketotifen

  • 16th SECEC Research Grant 2022

Clinical: J A Morris (UK), Adam Watts (UK)

Study Title: A single-centre prospective cross sectional diagnostic test accuracy study comparing percutaneous joint aspiration against intra-operative tissue biopsy in patients undergoing shoulder and elbow arthroplasty prosthetic revision surgery

Basic: Freek Hollman (NL) / Ashish Gupta (Australia) / Ruth Delaney (Ireland) / Kenneth Cutbush (Australia)

Study title: Quantitative Deep learning model for muscle assessment of the rotator cuff on MRI. Can we predict the rotators cuffs regenerative capacity and improve clinical decision making?

  • 15th SECEC Research Grant 2021

Clinical: Theodore Paul van Iersel (The Netherlands)

Study Title: Multifactorial Approach Training for Anterior Shoulder Instability in patients undergoing arthroscopic bankart repair, a multicenter randomized controlled trial (MATASI trial)

Basic: Sebastien Wangler (Switzerland)

Study Title: Identification of the optimal AC cerclage to restore horizontal stability, an FE-model and cadaveric based study

  • 14th SECEC Research Grant 2020

Clinical: Ali Al-Hamdani (Denmark)

Study Title: Elbow hemiarthroplasty versus open reduction and internal fixation for AO/OTA type 13 C2 and C3 fractures of distal humerus in patients aged 50 years or above; a randomized controlled trial (similar to 2019)

Basic translational: Geert Alexander Buijze (France)

Study Title: The Effect of Risk Factors, Surgical Technique and Biomodulation on Tendon Healing after Rotator Cuff Repair

  • 13th SECEC Research Grant 2019

Clinical: Karl Wieser (Switzerland)

Study Title: The natural history of rotator cuff tears: a prospective quantitative MRI and clinical analysis

Basic Science: Alexander Vervaecke (Belgium)

Study Title: Tendon progenitor cells for rotator cuff regeneration and repair

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  • 12th SECEC Research Grant 2018

Clinical: Jörn Kircher (Germany)

Study Title: Clinical results and PROM's after rotator cuff reconstruction with an autologus hamstring tendon patch

Clinical: Edoardo Franceschetti (Italy)

Study Title: Clinical validation of On/Off track treatment algorithm for shoulder instability: a prospective cohort study

Basic Science: Robert Hudek (Germany)

Sudy Title: Identification and tissue localisation of Cutibacterium Acnes subtypes foundon implants in shoulder surgery for symptomatic and asymptomatic patients

  • 11th SECEC Research Grant 2017

Clinical: Bakir Kadum (Sweden)

Study Title: Hemiarthroplasty versus reverse shoulder arthroplasty for communited displaced proximal humeral fractures in elderly patients: a multicentre randomised controlled trial

Basic Science: Björn Salomonsson (Sweden)

Study Title: A new diagnostic technique, using computer tomography for assessment of glenoid component loosening.

  • 10th SECEC Research Grant 2016

Clinical: Robert Tashjian ( USA) , Matthijs Jacxsens (Switzerland)

Study Title: Morphology of the anteriorly unstable shoulder with Hill-Sachs lesions

Basic Science: Joanna Walecka (Poland)

Study Title: Clinical and morphological evaluation following treatment of lateral epicondylar tendinopathy with PRP or L-PRP randomized controlled trial

  • 9th SECEC Research Grant 2015

Clinical: Ariane Gerber Popp (Switzerland)

Study title: Impact of Fracture Pattern on Functional Outcome after Conservative Treatment of Proximal Humeral Fractures

Basic Science: Philipp Moroder (Austria)

Study Title: Effect of patient-specific factors on the degeneration of the rotator cuff :A histochemical and immunohistochemical analysis in humans

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  • 8th SECEC Research Grant 2014

Clinical: Natasha Kraus (Germany)

Study title: Biologic, biomechanic and imaging properties of acromioclavicular joint instability

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Basic Science: Dominique Rouleau (Canada)

Study Title: Treatment of complex III and IV-part proximal humeral fractures in elderly patients: a prospective randomized study comparing hemiarthroplasty and total reverse arthroplasty.

  • 7th SECEC Research Grant 2012

Clinical: Ville Aarima (Finland)

Study title: Treatment of atraumatic rotator cuff ruptures in elderly patients.

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Basic Science: Alexandre Lädermann (Switzerland)

Study title: Kinematic modeling of the human shoulder

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Basic Science: Karlmeinrad Giesinger (Switzerland)

Study title: Development of an item list to assess the forgotten joint concept in shoulder patients

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  • 6th SECEC Research Grant 2011

Clinical: Helena Boström Windhamre (Sweden)

Study title: Operative or conservative treatment for acute dislocation of the acromioclavicular joint- a prospective randomized trial

Basic science: Umile Giuseppe Longo (Italy)

Study title: Sheep model of shoulder osteoarthritis and regeneration of the articular surface by cell homing

  • 5th SECEC Research Grant 2010

Basic Science: Denise Eygendal (The Netherlands)

Study title: Functional treatment versus plaster for simple elbow dislocations: a randomized study

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  • 4th SECEC Research Grant 2009

Derk Van Kampen (The Netherlands)

Study title: Evaluation of diagnostic and prognostic performance of patient history, orthopaedic shoulder tests and shoulder-specific questionnaires

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  • 3rd SECEC Research Grant 2008

Matthias Zumstein (Switzerland)

Study title: Tendon repair technique using Platelet rich fibrin as an autologous augmentation in repair of chronic rotator cuff tendon tears

  • 2nd SECEC Research Grant 2007

Markus Scheibel (Germany)

Study title: Influence of growth factors in local application on rotator cuff tendon tissue regeneration

  • 1st SECEC Research Grant 2006

Jean Grimberg (France)

Study Title: In vitro biomechanical comparison of three different types of single and double - row arthroscopic rotator cuff repair: analysis of continuous bone-tendon contact pressure and surface during different simulated joint position.

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