These are the rules to follow to propose an ICL at SECEC Congress

Every ordinary member of SECEC has the right to propose and chair an ICL during the Open SECEC Meeting.

The process of submission for the ICL proposal has clear and simply rules

The Chairman

  • the candidate must be an Ordinary Member and Corresponding Member.
  • must have participated at least once in a podium presentation Or moderation
  • must have been registered at least at 2 of the last 3 SECEC meetings.
  • every ICL can be repeated if it is in the best three.
  • in case of lack of “Basic or Advanced” ICL submission Education Committee can ask to a member of SECEC Executive Committee to develop a missing topic.

The Presenters

  • should be SECEC members or members of National or International Shoulder and Elbow Societies (ASES, ICSES, et cetera).
  • the maximum number of presenters is four
  • no more than two participants of the same country are allowed: (chairman and presenter, two presenters).
  • At maximum one presenter can come from different fields of interest, (biomechanics, engineering et cetera).
  • No reimbursement can be provided by SECEC for the presenters’ expenses
  • For qualification purpose every presenter must provide three Multiple Choice Questions for each topic or presentation.
  • All the presenters must show a disclosure slide, after the title, to clearly highlight bias with the topics of the presentation and eventual company support.
  • It is not possible to have an ICL where the subject is limited to a device only produced by a single company.
  • In case of Shoulder or Elbow Prosthesis, at least two companies must be involved in the discussion with different presenters.
  • No more than one presenter for company is allowed

Topics of ICL

  • Topics of the ICL should be divided in “Basic” and “Advanced”

1) Basic:

  • they must answer to general questions on shoulder and elbow diseases: Instability, stiffness, arthritis, fractures, cuff tears, et cetera
  • every ICL should address the following topics related to the “basic” disease following these suggestions:


Natural course of the disease

Diagnosis (examination and imaging)

Conservative treatment

Surgical treatment


Literature review and take home message (Chairman)

2) Advanced:

  • they must answer to specific questions on shoulder and elbow procedures:

All the courses should provide at least 30 minutes of discussion, no more than 45 minutes of presentations.

Past ICLs 1999-2021

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