How to submit an ICL application

Rules for submission

Every ordinary member of SECEC can submit a proposal for an ICL to be organised at the SECEC Annual Meeting.

The ICL Topics

Topics of the ICL should be divided between “Basic” and “Advanced” - List of past ICLs 1999-2022

1) Basic:

  • answers general questions on shoulder and elbow diseases such as instability, stiffness, arthritis, fractures, cuff tears, et cetera
  • the following points should be addressed in the ICL:

Epidemiology/ Natural course of the disease/ Diagnosis (examination and imaging)/ Conservative treatment/ Surgical treatment/ Rehabilitation/ Literature review and take home message

2) Advanced:

  • answers specific questions on shoulder and elbow procedures

The Chair

  • The candidate should be an Ordinary Member or Corresponding Member
  • He/she should have participated at least once in a podium presentation or moderation
  • He/she should have participated in at least 2 of the recent SECEC annual meetings.

The Speakers

  • should be SECEC members or apply for membership before the congress
  • the maximum number of presenters is four
  • no more than two participants of the same country are allowed: (chair and presenter, two presenters).
  • At maximum one presenter can come from different fields of interest, (biomechanics, engineering et cetera).
  • No reimbursement will be provided by SECEC for the presenters’ expenses
  • All the presenters must show a disclosure slide, after the title, to clearly highlight bias with the topics of the presentation and eventual company support.
  • It is not possible to have an ICL where the subject is limited to a device only produced by a single company.
  • In case of shoulder or elbow prosthesis, at least two companies must be involved in the discussion with different presenters.
  • No more than one presenter for a company is allowed

The Format

  • All courses should provide at least 30 minutes of discussion, no more than 45 minutes of presentations.
  • Max 1 chair + 4 speakers


  • For qualification purposes, the Chair should provide 4 Multiple Choice Questions
  • every ICL can be repeated if it is in the best three.
  • In case of lack of “Basic" or "Advanced” ICL submission, the Education Committee can ask to a member of the SECEC Executive Committee to develop a missing topic.
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