National Delegates

How does it work?

  • Each European country of the society will be represented by one National Delegate.

  • In countries where a National Society for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery does exist, it is whished that the President, or Past President or General Secretary (according to their own bylaws) will be the representative in the European society. If this representative is not a SECEC member, he will be automatically appointed Associate Members.

  • When there is no National Society for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery:
  1. In countries with 10 Ordinary Members or more the National Delegate will be elected by these members.
  2. In countries with less than 10 Ordinary Members the National Delegate will be appointed by the Executive Committee.
  3. The term of the National Delegates is three (3) years and they can be re-elected / re-appointed for up to two (2) successive terms.
  4. The Executive Committee will endeavour to ensure that each European country will be represented.

The Board of Directors consists of the founding members, the Executive Committee members who are ex officio members of the Board and the National Delegates.

Do you want to keep in contact with any of SECEC national delegates? Please contact us

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