For modern societies, the benefits and necessity of action plans for the near future is now incontestable. It’s not surprising that a non-profit organization with limited and intermittent incomes, such as ours, would further profit from strategic planning, leastways in allocating its resources. Herein, our strategic plan will be our guide in arranging our priorities, setting tangibles goals and using our energy efficiently.

SECEC is a relatively young society, but it blossoms. Our number of members increases significantly, along with our area of influence that expands. With the initiation of SECEC Certification and fellowship program, we undertake the responsibility of maximizing and maintaining the excellence of the health care delivery to the patients with shoulder and elbow disorders. We are organizing one of the largest events of the orthopaedics and traumatology community with an immense participation. These are only a few of the many reasons why the management of our society is harder than before. At that point necessitated a more systematic and strategic management for using our limited resources and force more efficiently.

I believe that the success of a strategic plan depends on setting attainable, clear and concrete objectives. This document is created with a particular effort to avoid complex marketing and business terminology. Contrarily, it is composed with all the neatness possible to fulfill an extremely important purpose, to be accountable. Indeed, accountability is essential for our Executive Committee and we don’t feel relieved until we explain the reasons behind our actions and how and where we spent our money. When we have a solid strategic plan on which we base our decisions, and clear directives that we refined from our constitution, then the would have nothing but success and development.

The evaluation of the progress towards our goals is crucial. We need to define how we assess whether or not we are following the right path on the map. For this purpose we define specific indicators for the quantification of our efforts, milestones to reach to, in definite intervals and timetables to schedule each and every step reasonably. These objective tools will also be markedly useful for our administrative component to oversee ongoing processes.

As you will see, the measurement of the innovation is the hardest part. Oftentimes the innovation represents itself as a new design of implant or a novel surgical technique at other times. In whatever aspect it appears, SECEC will be able to quantify and measure the innovative processes to see how much of the ground we’re covering in a world that does not cease to evolve.

In this report you will find our mutual ambitions and objectives that we will run towards in the next three years. I am cordially grateful to the committee members for their diligent effort during the SWOT Analysis period preceding the creation of this plan.

Prof. Mehmet Demirhan, Secec President

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