We need to evaluate our progress. Performance indicators are identified to assess the progress towards the goals that are set. SECEC will be satisfied with the advancement if the mentioned indicators are met.

Evaluation of the progression will be performed by the Executive Committee once in every year, during the annual congress and with a participation quorum of at least eight members. Executive Committee will agree on a time table for each strategic goal, and the milestones will be checked every year for the follow up of the improvements.

Each strategic goal will be assigned to a member of the Executive committee, depending on the relation between his committee’s tasks and the concept of the selected goal. This member is responsible for the preparation and the presentation of an annual report solely on the given topic, during the ExCom meeting. The executive committee compares the annual report to the strategic plan and will evaluate the current situation based on this strategic goal.

Evaluation methods for each strategic goals

  • Communication: To ensure that every member of SECEC has acquired the Strategic Plan.
  • High and Equal: Qualification Committee will provide us with convenient methods of measurement end evaluation of our members that complete the certification program.
  • Innovation: Research and Development Committee is currently evaluating abstracts for SECEC Scientific Prizes. Along with this main task, the R&D committee will set criteria for innovative research and assess all the abstracts that are published by SECEC members, during one year period and declare a final innovative score.
  • Patronage: The Education Committee will evaluate patronage applications of scientific events and collect quantitative data after the event has been organized under the SECEC patronage. This data include the number of participants, number of SECEC members participated, number of scientific sessions, panels, CME credits, and all the quantitative inputs that can help our committee for rating the scientific level of the event in question.
  • Rejuvenescence: Membership Committee and newly formed Junior Members Committee would report the statistics for the numbers of new members, the percentage of junior members and the overall increase in the number of junior members.
  • Restore the balance: SECEC treasurer reports on his management and submits the balance sheet for approval by the membership annually. Our financial progress can be monitored by the upward tendencies in our budget revenues.
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