SECEC Mission

Our association provides for scientific cooperation and continuing training of European orthopaedic surgeons specialized in surgery of the shoulder and elbow in order to contribute to the development of the physiological, pathological and therapeutic study of those joints.

SECEC Vision

SECEC continuously seeks to excel itself at performing its duties and responsabilities as the umbrella organization for European National Societies for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery as well as the link to the other international/intercontinental organizations. Pioneering and leading institution in the education on the management of shoulder and elbow disorders.

SECEC aims to enrich the scientific knowledge and facilitates its exchange, accumulates and shares the experience in the field of prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries concerning the shoudler and elbow joints.

Strategic goals

  • Education: High and Equal: SECEC works for increasing the level of knowledge and experience of young surgeons to the highest possible degree, and eliminate all unfavorable circumstances that interfere. SECEC also aims to guarantee that all its members are subjected to a structured and standardized education program on which they can later build their personal reflexions. In this purpose SECEC will;
    • Announce and publish the Shoulder and Elbow Curriculum and will provide educational platforms which cover a significant percentage of its content.
    • Implement the SECEC Certification program and establish the minimum conditions to enable all young members to subscribe.
    • Keep Eastern European Committee active and work for the equality of opportunity.
    • Increase the number of surgeons that profit of SECEC resources in educational purposes.
    • Create live or online platforms on which young surgeons can meet with the opinion leaders
    • Increase the number of fellows continuesly and start new fellowship programs.
    • Collaborate with its peer societies and EFORT in establishing a higher baseline for minimum level of knowledge of the European orthopaedic surgeons.
  • Innovation: SECEC aims to be tuned up to the highest level of scientifically proven innovation. Moreover, SECEC intends to endorse creative projects and encourages the invention. For this purpose, SECEC will;
    • Support innovative approaches and interdisciplinary collaborations for translational research.
    • Encourage opinion leaders to contribute to the research and development of new techniques and products.
    • Financially support high quality scientific work and task force assignments.
    • Increase the number of scientific awards in order to motivate researchers for innovative projects.
  • Patronage: SECEC focuses on being recognized as a trademark with its high quality contributions to the scientific events and a refined evaluation process before granting patronages. In this purpose SECEC will;
    • Implement the ‘New Patronage Criteria’ so that SECEC patronage is renowned as a standard and increase the attractiveness of selected events.
    • Introduce ‘Institutional Certification’ as a permanent type of Patronage where Medical Centers that met the predetermined criteria would be given the title of ‘SECEC Centre of Excellence’
  • Expertise: To encourage opinion leaders and supports conjugate reaction and movement towards controversies as a reference organization. To act against patient dissatisfaction and reinforce practical areas that are prone to generate conflicts. In this way SECEC would;
    • Propose legal institutions an official service of expert opinion in cases of litigation relating to conditions affecting the shoulder and elbow.
    • Officially contribute to the creations of new European Regulations for the medical devices in use.
    • Create task forces to inspect new implants or surgical techniques used in the treatment of shoulder and elbow disorders.
    • Use social media accounts and website to reach a significant amount of non-member population, to promote the society, to increase its recognition and to contribute community-based education for the fulfillment of its social responsibility.
  • Rejuvenescence: SECEC takes action in order to increase the number of junior members and to facilitate by all means the subscription process for young members to the society. To achieve that, SECEC will;
    • No longer request membership fee from orthopaedic surgeons younger than 32 years old.
    • Introduce ‘Junior Members Committee’ in order to amplify junior members’ voice as they will be represented directly on the Executive Committee by their chairman. This committee mainly focuses on the circumstances that affect European young shoulder and elbow surgeons in their education or professional life.
  • Restore the balance: SECEC aims to align wisely its financial resources with its strategic priorities and survive global financial crises. Before 2021, SECEC will;
    • Implement more efficient methods for collecting annual fees.
    • Discontinue canceling its annual congress in years when ICSES is organized.
    • Improve its relationship with the industry and elaborate on new platforms of interchange.
    • Diversify society’s revenues and find new funding sources. The Executive committee will reevaluate our society’s strengths from a Revenue-Generating point of view.
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