SECEC Strategic Plan 2020-2023 has been constructed on a very concrete basis, which is the internal consultation of committee members and the SWOT analyses they have meticulously conducted.

Our plan starts with a brief introduction to the society, defining SECEC mission, vision and the essential strategic goals. The headlines of our strategic objectives are further developed as a short description and the period of time in which we are expecting to achieve them. In this section we have also elaborated the initial steps of the long journeys we embarked towards each and every goal.

The third part of our plan includes a detailed narrative version of the SWOT Analysis that has been conducted by our committee members. This is in fact the report of a devoted work that inspects our society with all its aspects. In this section you will find the ways that SECEC considers itself strong or weak; the incidents that are recognized as opportunities for our society and finally the threats that we are warned about. Although anonymous, it is emphasized when more than one committee pointed out to the same topic.

Lastly, a section of evaluation can be found at the end of the plan, in order to measure our progress during the interval that spans our plan. This is where our members can find the tools for overseeing the progress and inspect the administrative level of our society.

We wish to thank our members for their time and consideration, and hoping to have their feedbacks, contributions and comments on the purpose of playing their parts in the future of our beloved society.

The Executive Committee

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