Stefano Carbone

Stefano passed away on a sunny November morning after a long illness that wore his body, but not in his mind. Like the autumn leaves, he let himself fall from the branch, but to let himself be carried away by the wind towards a new life and another destiny. Death leaves a pain that no one can heal; however, love leaves memories that no one can erase. All that we have deeply loved cannot be lost and becomes part of us.

Stefano was a gentleman, an altruist, a calm and charitable person. He was a brilliant surgeon, intuitive, inspired and guided by his compassionate spirit. He was an intelligent person, open to dialogue and comparison.

He had a marked academic attitude: his doctorate, the countless scientific works, the American and Asian traveling fellowships he won with the SECEC and the SICSeG, only partially demonstrate his university vein. His insights on the treatment of humeral head fractures and on the etiopathogenesis of scapular dyskinesis sparked interest in those who listened to him and firstly in me. I never felt the need to curb his enthusiasm and scientific excesses, because what he wanted to analyze was motivated by a deep knowledge of the subject.

Now his parents, his sister Anna and his brother Andrea mourn him; his beloved Michela and his friends and patients; his children from Burundi who, over the years, have always waited for him with joy and expectation (Bubanza Hospital). I cry for my beloved pupil (friend) and for all that we could still have done together.

Stefano Gumina


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