SECEC Shoulder and Elbow Curriculum

On behalf of the Qualification Committee,

We are calling upon all of our members to give their opinion on the final draft of the "SECEC Curriculum" which will be used as a basis for our future "SECEC Certification".

Indeed, one of the missions of association is to be a reference point when it comes to shoulder and elbow care therefore, as part of our duties, we would like to provide more guidance when it comes to specialist education in that domain.

Members of the Executive Committee together with the Qualification Committee led by Patric Raiss have worked on a list of objective elements which should be taken into consideration.
You will find the complete documents below for your attention:

You may send your comments by email to SECEC Office before March 31st.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us if anything is unclear.

Patric Raiss

Qualification Committee Chair

SECEC Curriculum
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