Video Prize

Video Prize

If you wish to submit a video to the Video prize which will be awarded at our next SECEC Meeting, please send back the application form to our central office by email before June 31. 2024:

SECEC Office:
email :

for further info : +33 683 178 613

List of past Video prizes

  • 2006: L. Lafosse (France) - "Suprascapular nerve arthroscopic release"
  • 2009: M. Scheibel (Germany) - "Arthroscopically assisted acromioclavicular joint stabilization for chronic instability"
  • 2014: M. Glanzmann (Switzerland) - "The clinical exam of the elbow"
  • 2015: F. Reuther (Germany) - "RSA for fractures"
  • 2017: P. Lubiatowski (Poland) - Arthroscopic treatment for tennis elbow
  • 2018: M. Glanzmann & F. Moro (Switzerland) - "Anconeus Interposition Arthroplasty"
  • 2020: Caio Checchia (Brazil) - "A different Latissimus Dorsi transfer to irreparable Postsuperior rotator cuff tears" and Przemo Lubiatowski (Poland) - "Arthroscopic treatment of degenerative elbow"
  • 2021: Stefan Bauer (CH) - Latarjet-Patte with Walch’s technique –Breakthrough in instability surgery, critical steps and pearls
  • 2022: Tim Leschinger (Germany) Lars Peter Mueller (Germany) - Implantation of an unlinked total elbow arthroplasty

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