Update from the Qualification Committee

The Qualification Committee, aligned with the SECEC-ESSSE values for the highest standards of shoulder and elbow surgery in Europe, has intensified its activity in three pivotal areas: SECEC-ESSSE Approved Teaching Centers, SECEC-ESSSE Patronage for meetings and courses and the SECEC-ESSSE Certificate.

Currently, more than 40 centers were recognized as SECEC-ESSSE Approved Teaching Centers all over Europe. Being distinguished as a SECEC Teaching Center is a recognition of high performance standards in shoulder and elbow surgery.

Since 2019 more than 45 courses and meetings were awarded with the SECEC Patronage. This Patronage is a recognition for the event regarding its high quality standards. We expect an increasing number of Courses and Events under the SECEC Patronage in 2022.

Both, Events with SECEC Patronage and hospitations in recognized SECEC Teaching Centers, are determinant to fulfil the requirements for the SECEC/ESSSE Shoulder and Elbow Certificate.

Do you want to become a SECEC Teaching Center? Do you want to become a SECEC Certified Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon? Do you want your Course taking place under the SECEC Patronage? Then visit our web page at www.secec-essse.org, and check the Qualification page for Teaching Center and Certificationapplication; and check the Congresses page for Patronage information.

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