Norbert Gschwend Obituary

The day March 22, 2020 will long be remembered dark and mournfully as the day when Prof Norbert Gschwend passed away at the 95th year of his miraculous life.

He was a pioneer, a great surgeon, a visionary researcher and above all, he was the founding father of our society, the European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and the Elbow, alongside with his fellow confrere Didier Patté.

Now once again, from the very beginning of our history in Paris 1987, we lament the loss of our founding father. Norbert Gschwend devotedly served our society as the first president between 1987-1988 and successfuly organized the Bern Congress in 1988 along with Christian Gerber.

He has been the guiding star of our society. Secec will proudly walk the road these two gentlemen paved, and will never disregard the values which our founding members established.

The president of our society and the Executive Committee present their sincere condolences to his loving family, while promising to cherish his respectful memory until the end of time.

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