Covid 19

Dear Members of our Society,

We are witnessing the darkest times of our modern era. A deadly virus has locked life into shelters, thousands of people have sadly lost their lives, healthcare delivery is overwhelmed and failing. The cheerful people of Europe are physically and socially isolated as the old fear of death and the young fear of spreading it. The frightening aftermath is yet to come, with the wheels of the economy stuck on a global scale. We were forcibly convinced that there are threads you can never foresee or be ready to and that diseases can spread as rapidly as disinformation on the web, in the global world of ours.

Unfortunately, Europe is affected intensely; the mortality is dreadful. The most brutal impact and the most critical situation are, as you know in Italy and now Spain is escalating. Nevertheless, there is evidence that many countries risk suffering the same tragedy as the healthcare delivery systems saturate.
As the virus spread with incredible speed, eventually all gatherings have been canceled. Many societies urged to postpone their meetings and courses to undetermined dates since the end of the pandemic is beyond the visual range for now.

I hereby need to declare that this is not the case for our society, SECEC, and we are determined to organize our 29th Annual Congress on September 9 to 12, as it is scheduled, in Poznan. With all our hearts, we are hoping to embrace our good old days, far sooner than that date. Our committees are now working in exhausting circumstances to be on schedule, along with their fight with the virus or social confinement. Currently, we are evaluating your fascinating abstracts and I am glad to inform you that we will be able to send you a decision by April 30, of course presuming that the situation will not worsen.

But I have hope. Historically Europe has always dealt with relentless diseases, even with far more primitive circumstances. Storming infections have long taken their turns to tear apart our blossoming civilization but failed. Every test that those lands have suffered, made it stronger than before, invulnerable and immune to all kind of catastrophe, no matter man-made or natural. Unified more than ever, fueled by science and technology, today’s Europe is determined to survive once again this calamity, to stand up and reach out a helping hand to the other nations that are suffering.
I am certain that this year will be remembered as the time when humanity restored solidarity and compassion; and revised its understanding of the self and community.

Be safe.

Mehmet Demirhan

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