Conflict in Ukraine

SECEC Statement for the Conflict in Ukraine and Call Out for Immediate Peaceful Negotiations

European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and the Elbow (SECEC) is closely following the current situation in Ukraine with deepest concern. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine who are suffering an unjustifiable aggression and facing serious hardships such as forceful displacement and shortage of vital resources. Our hearts are saddened deeper with each and every life that is lost because of this insane hostility.

In the millennium era, a forceful occupation of a country’s territory is considered as an uncivilized act regardless of the circumstances and no cause can justify any harm to the innocent people. SECEC condemns any aggression on the liberty, security and right to live of innocent people and strongly support the resolution of any conflict peacefully by means of diplomatic negotiations.

We emphasize that this reckless assault is an insult not only to the very existence of Ukrainian people, but also to the foundations of the global peace and security. As a scientific medical society dedicated to the amelioration and conservation of human health, we are immeasurably troubled by the humanitarian crisis that became inevitable. We call out for immediate cease of use of force and prompt action for more intense and organized efforts to deliver humanitarian aid and medical supplies.

It is sad to witness that humanity repeats itself by committing same mistakes while the memories of previous tragedies fade away. We emphasize once again that in the modern world, the glory is to remove the borders between countries, not to broaden them.

Emilio Calvo

SECEC President

Ali Ersen

Eastern European Support Committee

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