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The SECEC Podcast is a new SECEC project that aims to distribute hot topics and the latest and most relevant research dedicated to shoulders and elbows.

In this first season, 10 episodes were produced with the authors of selected studies presented during the last SECEC congress.

The authors give us a deep and comprehensive insight into their studies. Each interview is accompanied by one SECEC expert who contributes with great knowledge and experience.

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Podcast calendar:

1) Radial Head Arthroplasty For Acute Complex Elbow Instability - A Prospective Long-Term Comparative Cohort Study Of Two Implant Designs:

Authors: Samual Antuna, Blanca Diaz

Guest: Davide Blonna

2) Same Day Discharged Shoulder Arthroplasty Is A Safe Option, Prospective Cohort Study

Author: Derk van Kampen

Guest: Gregory Cunningham

3) The Role Of Arthroscopic Glenoidplasty And Osteocapsular Arthroplasty In The Treatment Of Advanced Glenohumeral Arthritis

Authors: Jorge Rochas Lievano, Shawn O´Driscoll

Guest: Roger Emery

4) Long-Term Results Of Non-Operative Treatment Of Anterior Glenoid Rim Fractures After Primary Traumatic Anterior Shoulder Dislocation

Authors: Manuel Waltenspül

Guest: Paolo Paladini

5) One Or Three-Weeks Immobilization Period In Proximal Humeral Fractures Conservatively Treated. Prospective Randomized Study.

Author: Carlos Torrens

Guest: Mehmet Demirhan

6) Long Term Outcomes After Arthroscopic Knotless Transosseous Equivalent Repair: Clinical And MRI Results Of Medium To Large Tears At A Minimum Follow-Up Of 10 Years

Author: Kadir Buyükdogan

Guest: Emilio Calvo, Interviewer: Robert Hudek

7) Does The Subscapularis Refixation Effect The Clinical Outcome After Primary Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty?

Author: Yacine Ameziane

Guest: Philippe Collin

8) Dermal Patch Augmented Versus Standard Rotator Cuff Repair

Author: Priyadarshi Amit

Guest: Andrew Carr

9) Weighted Radiographs Are Not Useful In The Classification Of Acromioclavicular Joint Dislocations

Author: Jonas Nordin

Guest: Markus Scheibel

10) Special Edition (outside of SECEC Virtual, 3 shoulder surgeons + 2 microbiologists discuss, after EFORT meeting): "Low-grade Infections and C. acnes in shoulder surgery: where do we stand today?"

1h special radio interview with:

Ofer Levy, Carlos Torrens, Holger Brüggemann, Stephane Corvec, Robert Hudek

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